High School Coaches

In high school, teams win games and coaches lose games. I have no idea why someone would want to coach a high school team. But … some people enjoy it too much and stay too long. Eventually it becomes about the coach and not the team.

Today two coaches at Terre Haute North High School announced retirement. They both stayed too long. They won’t be missed.


I’m about to do what I should have done several years ago: break all my ties to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center. The only people I trusted there are now gone and most of the people at EFRC just make things difficult.

EFRC does not have a functioning board of directors. EFRC does not have a five-year plan or any other plan. EFRC is developing a web site that violates every basic principle of web design. EFRC has a director who has no respect for any other human. And most importantly, EFRC has no money in the bank. The director spends money as fast as it comes in.

I see no hope that things will change. When the director dies or goes to a nursing home, EFRC will still be without a functioning board and the plan will still be: “Lets’s See What Happens Tomorrow”.

Indiana University Press did publish three books of my photographs. That made it somewhat worth the trouble. But 30-degree weather, mud, ignorance, and obnoxious Tigers are not something I will miss.

Everything That Went Wrong Yesterday

The blog entry title was once the title for the blog. Didn’t seem right. However …

People send out Xmas cards letting us know all the fun things they did last year, mostly stuff they dumped money on. The neighbors sent me one. A brother of Caryl sent one to her. I want to make one about everything that went wrong this past year, not just me but everything I care about. But mostly about me. I may do it next year. I’ll have to start keeping track. Might not fit on a card, more like a book. Or maybe I’ll just keep this blog entry constantly updated. Everything in one place to show how things evolve. And extract some stuff for a card? Obviously, I haven’t thought about this enough.

So here are some possible categories. In no particular order.

Caryl. Too personal. Caryl would be forced to write a rebuttal. Not gonna happen. Rejected as a category.

Exotic Feline Rescue Center. Now we’re talkin’. I have complaints. This place costs me money.

Health. My favorite topic to avoid. I’m 72. Lots of possible entries. Suicide is one of my favorite topics I never speak about. It might be fun to start talking.

High School Photography. Definitely a category. Yes, things go wrong. But I learn so much about people and cameras.

Mother. Probably not. I don’t even know if she’s still alive. There’s a long blog entry you can find that relates to her. Have fun reading. She no longer affects me. I didn’t think that would ever happen. A small miracle.

Science. Oh god yes. Mostly high energy physics and related fields. Lots of entries.

Religion. Or maybe Superstition. Not something I tolerate easily. Many entries.

Politics. I voted for Obama twice. That was a big mistake. Rejected as a category, maybe.

Probably more categories. This will be updated as things happen. It should be soon.

Karl and Choupette

Karl Lagerfeld was the fashion designer who saved Chanel.

Lagerfeld owned a red point Birman cat named Choupette, which, in June 2013, he indicated he would marry if it were legal.

It has emerged that the late fashion designer left some of his $200m (£153m) fortune to Choupette. Since he loved black and white:

Subatomic Physics

Let’s just say there are problems when you get below the size of the atom. Scientists don’t like to answer questions about it because 1) giant egos 2) they don’t know 3) they know they’re full of bullshit 4) someone might catch on and all those big grants and awards would go away. You get the idea. More specifically and because you don’t believe me, read HERE.