Personalities … Not Myers Briggs

Low IQ: Donald Trump

Obnoxious: Ann Coulter

Narcissist: Celine Dion
The hat says it all.

Crazy But Nice: Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyn frequently forgets to put on her pants.

Con Artist: Taylor Swift

Pure Evil: Hillary Clinton
Clinton Foundation. Money laundering for the rich.

Sick Of: Kim Kardashion
Paris Hilton’s maid now has no job but to collect money.

Complete Ass: Oprah
Say atheists are immoral, horrible people because they don’t believe in god. Fuck her.

Ridiculous: Sophia Vergara

Fun: Katy Perry
Outfits, hair. Just pure fun.

Snob: Jennifer Aniston
$5,000,000 for an Emirates commercial making fun of the 99% rest of us. Fuck her.

Author: stephen d mccloud


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