Everything That Went Wrong Yesterday

The blog entry title was once the title for the blog. Didn’t seem right. However …

People send out Xmas cards letting us know all the fun things they did last year, mostly stuff they dumped money on. The neighbors sent me one. A brother of Caryl sent one to her. I want to make one about everything that went wrong this past year, not just me but everything I care about. But mostly about me. I may do it next year. I’ll have to start keeping track. Might not fit on a card, more like a book. Or maybe I’ll just keep this blog entry constantly updated. Everything in one place to show how things evolve. And extract some stuff for a card? Obviously, I haven’t thought about this enough.

So here are some possible categories. In no particular order.

Caryl. Too personal. Caryl would be forced to write a rebuttal. Not gonna happen. Rejected as a category.

Exotic Feline Rescue Center. Now we’re talkin’. I have complaints. This place costs me money.

Health. My favorite topic to avoid. I’m 72. Lots of possible entries. Suicide is one of my favorite topics I never speak about. It might be fun to start talking.

High School Photography. Definitely a category. Yes, things go wrong. But I learn so much about people and cameras.

Mother. Probably not. I don’t even know if she’s still alive. There’s a long blog entry you can find that relates to her. Have fun reading. She no longer affects me. I didn’t think that would ever happen. A small miracle.

Science. Oh god yes. Mostly high energy physics and related fields. Lots of entries.

Religion. Or maybe Superstition. Not something I tolerate easily. Many entries.

Politics. I voted for Obama twice. That was a big mistake. Rejected as a category, maybe.

Probably more categories. This will be updated as things happen. It should be soon.


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