Free Will – Compatibilism, Etc

Ever hear of compatibilism? Compatibilism is a term made up by philosophers to try to give some validity to thinking free will and determinism are compatible. The two are not compatible but logic and science have never stopped philosophers and never will. So deep dive with Daniel Dennett. He really knows how to make a really stupid argument sound reasonable.
Daniel Dennett | Why Are Most Philosophers Compatibilists? | Free Will? A Documentary

Too much bullshit? Then try this YouTube video that brings two atheists together to spout nonsense that many atheists like to spout:
Free Will – Compatibilism | Robert – Pensacola, FL | Atheist Experience 21.23

<Offtopic> I try to respect atheists but many just lack intelligence just like poor Trump supporters. Some seem to be atheists by accident. <Offtopic>

Author: stephen d mccloud


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