Too Much Time, Chapter One

I retired several years ago. Before I retired I spent most of my time thinking about computers or watching Tigers or sleeping. I no longer watch Tigers. I no longer think about computers. That leaves sleeping. Did I mention softball?

So, I was just thinking about what I have been doing with all that extra time. I have no desire to track my time, I did that when I thought about computers (mostly a log of lies – we were encouraged to lie, long story). So without a log, the best guess is that I spend way too much time thinking about the news. Politics, wars, COVID-19. You know, News, brought to you by large corporations.

If you think about politics you have to think about people and why they behave like ignorant assholes. I started to list all the types of things I hear about this but the list is just too long and I reject just about all of it. I live in the USA. Just about everything I hear is bullshit. Everything most people in the USA believe about the USA is wrong. The propaganda from all sides is working. And the rich want to keep it that way. The USA is not the best country in the world and I can show you the statistics to prove it. Land of the free? Not quite. But I digress.

One question that we should be asking ourselves is why people voted for Trump when it was clearly not in their best interest. After four years they still voted for Trump. Their taxes go up on Jan 1 — thank Donald Trump. Forget all the psychological and fancy talk. Why did I almost vote for Trump, not once but twice?

The political system in the USA is rigged in favor of the rich. The USA is an oligarchy, the rich are in control. One estimate by a really smart fellow is that about 125 people now control the world. Probably true. The middle-income class in the USA is disappearing at a rapid rate. The rich are accumulating money and power at a staggering rate. Vote blue or red. Nothing about the control of money and power in the world will change. Trump was unlike any politician in USA history. Everything he said was a lie. But people liked the lies. And when they looked at what red and blue had done to them Trump was an alternative to their downward spiral. They knew something others had missed. The USA, red and blue, is failing the people. Look at any statistic you want. The USA is a failure. And so people were fed up and they decided nothing could be worse than the way things were headed. And I agree. Biden is on the side of the Clinton and Obama group. The rich will keep getting richer. I voted for Biden. Why not? I live in Indiana. Indiana went Trump faster than any other state. My vote does not count. So much for “democracy”.

I get tired of people telling me that if I do not vote then I have no right to complain. This is the USA. We have the freedom to vote or not vote. This is not China or Russia. I claim that as a right. There is good evidence that voting for the lesser of two evils is never a good idea. But my vote does not count so … whatever. Next election? I have no idea. Will Trump be back in four years? Democrats will have lost the house and senate by then. Could be exciting. But my 73 years are telling me something.

Author: stephen d mccloud