High School Level Athletics

I’ve taken thousands (and thousands) of images at high school age athletic events. Almost all were high school events or travel softball games. I rarely turn down a chance … but recently I walked away from a high school event.

North South volleyball game 2021-09-14 at South High School, JV and Varsity. I took images of the JV game, watched a set of Varsity and left. I’ve been to many sporting events at Terre Haute South High School. This event probably set a new low. I can’t explain all the reasons but here are a few as nicely as I can put them.

Two South parents sat next to me and went crazy during the JV match. Yelling, screaming, stamping on the bleachers, and standing up. I’ve never seen anything like it at a volleyball match. I moved to the other side of the court as soon as I had a chance. The side with the bench and scorers is a difficult area from which to take pictures. I wasn’t happy.

While North Varsity players were being introduced, south students booed. For years South students would shout “BRAVES” at the end of the national anthem, a reference to their racist mascot, a Native American. The booing is probably the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen at a sporting event.

Speaking of disrespectful, the only South administrator near the South student section had his cell phone out during the National Anthem the entire time.

Newspaper editors who interview high school students need to have some sense. Hitting a softball going 60 miles an hour and changing direction is more difficult than jumping up a couple inches and hitting a volleyball. Enough said.

Author: stephen d mccloud


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