High School Sports at Martinsville and Other Saturday Night Problems

Martinsville High School, Indiana, on a Saturday night. Taylor Swift is on Saturday Night Live so that’s a waste of time. Is Martinsville any better than Swift?

Martinsville High School has a bad record when it comes to high school sports. They even made it into Sports Illustrated one year. Martinsville city was also one of the worst “Sundown Towns” in Indiana years ago. But everything’s okay now, right? Some memories just refuse to go away. I have some stories people would like me to forget. So, for years I never went to high school sports at that school. But Saturday night I took off for Terre Haute North girls basketball at the new Martinsville High School gym. I had a few problems. At least I didn’t see any Confederate flags flying in yards like last time I was there.

A brand new gym. And like all high school gyms, no one bothered to ask a photographer about lighting or anything else to do with pictures. I took some pictures but gave up at halftime. The lights are as bad as Northview High School. Same problems in several ways. Why did they do this? The only gym that’s worse is the old Indiana State University gym where they play volleyball.

I used a Nikon D850 to take pictures at North High School girls basketball Friday night. Dance team and cheerleaders. About 1,400 images when I got home. The problem is the D850 is a 45-megapixel camera. I use two computers with Intel eight-core I7 processors so some parallel processing speeds the process. One has an NVidia fast GPU (for noise removal). Raw images are converted to JPG. JPG files are renamed to date and time. Images have the noise removed using a specialized program on an MSI computer with a fast graphics card. Images are edited … background leveled, out of focus deleted, duplicates deleted, embarrassing images deleted, etc. And, finally, Images uploaded to SmugMug (while I’m sleeping). That’s a lot of time, I went to bed at 4 am. So, at Martinsville, I’m back to the Nikon D500 sports camera. 20 megapixels at Martinsville. Not nearly as much fun to crop. Will I ever use the D850 for basketball again? Probably. The D850 handles low-light images better than the D500, maybe.

Images of varsity #22 are getting repetitious so I tried to get some that were a bit more interesting. I think I succeeded. And it’s not my fault JV #11 has so many pictures. I just follow the ball.

Author: stephen d mccloud


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