I’ve been trying to put my thoughts on “life” into an organized form. Not making much progress so … it’s time to start writing and organize from there.

It’s living life I’m thinking about. I’m not a biologist and I have no idea what defines life but that has zero relevance. And then there’s the definition of intelligent life. Again, zero relevance to what I’m trying to say.

Many people, intelligent people, think the probability of life, and even intelligent life, everywhere in the universe is certain. I’m not one of those people. Mostly I doubt intelligent life is everywhere. But that’s not what I’m writing about.

I’m thinking about probabilities. One very specific probability. The probability that I have this life.

How to calculate the probability that I’m me? How many life entities could I have been? Do I just add up humans? I’d still be a human so irrelevant. Throw in tigers, skunks, fleas, and all the rest? If so then the probability that I’m human is extremely close to zero. What is the probability I’m even intelligent life? Even closer to zero. And do I factor in plants? Could I have been a plant? There are trillions of living things I could have been.

So if you believe all the Sagan types that say life is everywhere then the probability I’m human is one in trillions and trillions. I’ve won the biggest sweepstakes in the universe. I could have been a fly and gotten swatted.

What to make of this? I believe that when I die, that’s it. Gone. So, what to make of this? I have absolutely no idea.

Of course, there’s no philosophy that offers an explanation. This doesn’t seem to be an idea worthy of the philosophers.

Someone must have an idea. Something is going on and no one even has a scientific type explanation. Of course, religious types think only humans matter … bullshit. I doubt they could understand my question.

The statistics are overwhelming, I don’t exist.

Author: stephen d mccloud


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