Why I Stay Home

((((( update
Not as expensive as I thought. Replacement MSI on Amazon store (with overnight) was $2,300 (closeout item!), bag at Staples $200, mouse $100, external disk $100, backup power supply $150, Earbuds: Apple $250; Sony $200; Jabra $200; Sennheiser $200. The total cost of the trip (so far): $3,700.

I recently took a trip, a trip I should have avoided. Things went wrong.

A wedding, people, someone else’s family, a trip I didn’t want to take. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything. I made a motel reservation halfway to spend an additional night and go to an aviation museum I wanted to visit. An additional day of the wedding canceled the motel stay at the museum. Cost $170.

A FedEx package that was supposed to arrive on Monday arrived on Saturday. Nowhere in sight. The crooks like to go through the neighborhood. Most people here have motion-activated webcams on their porches. I don’t need one, I’m always home when things of any value are supposed to arrive. Cost $120.

An MSI computer disappeared. Impossible to replace. This was a special PC with features that are now found only on more expensive portables. This $2,200 PC now costs $3,600. Not going to be replaced. Cost? Well, if I replace it then at least $3,600 plus sales tax. Cost 3,852.

Things in the computer bag (plus the bag)? An additional power supply on a new PC like this costs at least $180. Bag over $100. Mouse $100. Total cost $500 (at least).

The total cost of this trip? At least $4,642 (at least).

I suppose I could consider this an education and consider the cost of the education. It’s just I’m not sure what I learned. I did learn to never, ever, do something like this again. It’s going to take some time to replace the computer, visit the museum, and … not sure where to begin. I was thinking about putting an end to photography or scaling down. In any case, the quality of the photography has already been scaled back. I have two other computers but neither has a GPU.

It seems impossible that this computer disappeared. But I’m 75 and getting older fast. Back in the old days, all this would have been upsetting. I guess my age means I just care less about material things than years ago.

I just want to outlive my cat. And not leave the house.

Author: stephen d mccloud


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