My Typical Day

I spent the previous eight hours living on dark chocolate and listening to music off of an iPhone and Sennheiser Momentum 3 IE (in-ear) headphones. The dark chocolate isn’t so typical but the music is. YouTube is sometimes on one of the TVs when plane spotting is on somewhere but the sound is off.

My favorite musician of all time is almost always Deanna Bogart. So you’ve never heard of her but you’ve heard of Taylor Swift? Sad. If you like music, you should know her. For background watch/listen to the following. It’s full of surprises.

Deanna Bogart Interview

Listen to her here.

Deanna Bogart Still The Girl In The Band

She’s genre free and impossible to describe. Enthusiastic. Out-of-control. Loose. Tight. Accurate. And sexy.

She’s won awards. She deserves a lot more, but this is America and Americans are idiots when it comes to music. Most awards are bought.

YouTube is full of her videos. “Love And Attention” is very popular. I have it on replay as I type this.

Tonight I’m taking pictures at Terre Haute North High School boys’ basketball homecoming. Tempted to stay home and keep playing music, currently AirPlay to a Yamaha receiver and four speakers.

Author: stephen d mccloud


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