Top Ten

In no particular order, ten of the best musical performances I’ve ever heard or seen. Ten? Maybe more.

#1 She’s the world’s best guitar player. Molly Tuttle.

#2 Dan Tyminski. Most underrated musician ever? Best known as a member of Alison Krauss and Union Station, but has his own band.

#3 Greta? Of course, they’re four of the best singers in the US but that redhead … is an insane singer. Now if she can just get over her shyness …

CAST: Lead Vocals – Greta, Eliza, Jaime, Madeline Guitars – Mallory, George Bass Guitar – Tristan Keys – Luka, Nate Drums – Todd

#4 Ladyva. That’s her name. World’s best Boogie Woogie player. Word is she’s also a baroness. Not a bad singer also.

#5 Glen Campbell. RIP. Most underrated guitar player ever?

#6 Dwight Yoakum.

#7 Eleanor Bangle. I’ve always loved this song. And I’ve always hated this song … because no one has ever been able to sing it the way it should be sung, especially the ending. This rates an eleven on a scale of ten. This is one of the greatest performances in history. Nuances all over the place.

#8 Judy Collins. I still have an unopened copy of the “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” CD. I grew up in the late ’60s, the Golden Era of Music. My obsession with music can be traced back to Judy Collins.

#9 Valentina Lisitsa. Just when I thought I was tired of classical music, along comes the world’s best piano player.

I’ve never seen fingers move across a piano like this.

#10 This one goes to a composer – J S Bach. Undoubtedly the greatest composer in history. Great organs are rare. Riga Cathedral has one.

#11 Speaking of organs. Anna Lapwood is my favorite organ player.

#12 It’s hard to believe this girl is of the same species as Donald Trump and Joe Biden. She has already done as much in her short life as they will do in their entire lives.

#13 I shouldn’t like Alice Phoebe Lou … but I do. She makes people feel better. Listen to her talk about Berlin in the last video. She was 20 at the time.

#14 Lucinda Williams. Incredible songwriter. Beautiful. Then she got married and it was all downhill. This is from when she took care of herself. Marriage ruins everything.

Author: stephen d mccloud


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