Importance of TikTok

I’ve been posting lots of TikTok videos to show the importance of the communication going on there. No other social media platform has these videos or if it does they don’t show up in your feed, making them difficult to find. TikTok is about allowing people to communicate the truth of what’s going on in the world, truth you’ll never hear on mainstream media. CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc will just feed you US State Department lies.

There’s a reason people have left Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They’re ultimately controlled by large corporations that tell you what they want you to think is the truth. Propaganda … truth as determined by the one percent.

High-Functioning Autistic

I’ve had it with the phrase “high-functioning autistic”. What people are saying, and don’t understand, is that there are intelligent, sometimes extremely intelligent, autistic people. Einstein. Jobs. Newton. Gödel. You name it. They were autistic. Autistics created the world you live in. If you eliminated all the “high-functioning autistics” you would be left with a very sad world.

Your Thoughts Are Not Real

I follow this autistic person on TikTok. Well, she claims to be autistic. Most of her TikTok posts, like all extrovert autistic TikTok posts, appear to be narcissistic but autistics are far from narcissistic so … let’s move on.

(Why am I always suspicious of intelligent autistic extroverts? I have a theory, more on that in another post someday soon.)

The point is, this post is spot on. I just don’t know if she understands what she’s saying. She throws out lots of words but little detail. Not very autistic so … let’s go to the video. Enjoy but realize that from a scientific standpoint, she’s 100 percent correct.


The word therapy takes in so much that it almost has no use in everyday conversation. I’ve been through therapy. Two very intelligent counseling psychologists changed my life to the point that I was able to live an almost normal life and make it to retirement without killing myself. I was extremely lucky. This video isn’t about therapy but it might just nudge in the right direction.

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