My Typical Day

I spent the previous eight hours living on dark chocolate and listening to music off of an iPhone and Sennheiser Momentum 3 IE (in-ear) headphones. The dark chocolate isn’t so typical but the music is. YouTube is sometimes on one of the TVs when plane spotting is on somewhere but the sound is off.

My favorite musician of all time is almost always Deanna Bogart. So you’ve never heard of her but you’ve heard of Taylor Swift? Sad. If you like music, you should know her. For background watch/listen to the following. It’s full of surprises.

Deanna Bogart Interview

Listen to her here.

Deanna Bogart Still The Girl In The Band

She’s genre free and impossible to describe. Enthusiastic. Out-of-control. Loose. Tight. Accurate. And sexy.

She’s won awards. She deserves a lot more, but this is America and Americans are idiots when it comes to music. Most awards are bought.

YouTube is full of her videos. “Love And Attention” is very popular. I have it on replay as I type this.

Tonight I’m taking pictures at Terre Haute North High School boys’ basketball homecoming. Tempted to stay home and keep playing music, currently AirPlay to a Yamaha receiver and four speakers.

Amazon Control

Amazon just gave me another reason to hate it.

Amazon Smile ends

Amazon wants to be the one who decides where customer charity goes, not the customer. Exotic Feline Rescue Center won’t get any money. American Atheists won’t get any money. Black Pine Animal Sanctuary won’t get any money. So who does? Try asking Amazon.

Why I Stay Home

((((( update
Not as expensive as I thought. Replacement MSI on Amazon store (with overnight) was $2,300 (closeout item!), bag at Staples $200, mouse $100, external disk $100, backup power supply $150, Earbuds: Apple $250; Sony $200; Jabra $200; Sennheiser $200. The total cost of the trip (so far): $3,700.

I recently took a trip, a trip I should have avoided. Things went wrong.

A wedding, people, someone else’s family, a trip I didn’t want to take. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything. I made a motel reservation halfway to spend an additional night and go to an aviation museum I wanted to visit. An additional day of the wedding canceled the motel stay at the museum. Cost $170.

A FedEx package that was supposed to arrive on Monday arrived on Saturday. Nowhere in sight. The crooks like to go through the neighborhood. Most people here have motion-activated webcams on their porches. I don’t need one, I’m always home when things of any value are supposed to arrive. Cost $120.

An MSI computer disappeared. Impossible to replace. This was a special PC with features that are now found only on more expensive portables. This $2,200 PC now costs $3,600. Not going to be replaced. Cost? Well, if I replace it then at least $3,600 plus sales tax. Cost 3,852.

Things in the computer bag (plus the bag)? An additional power supply on a new PC like this costs at least $180. Bag over $100. Mouse $100. Total cost $500 (at least).

The total cost of this trip? At least $4,642 (at least).

I suppose I could consider this an education and consider the cost of the education. It’s just I’m not sure what I learned. I did learn to never, ever, do something like this again. It’s going to take some time to replace the computer, visit the museum, and … not sure where to begin. I was thinking about putting an end to photography or scaling down. In any case, the quality of the photography has already been scaled back. I have two other computers but neither has a GPU.

It seems impossible that this computer disappeared. But I’m 75 and getting older fast. Back in the old days, all this would have been upsetting. I guess my age means I just care less about material things than years ago.

I just want to outlive my cat. And not leave the house.

Ignorant Scientists

The sad part is that the people out there speaking for science have no idea what science is and have no understanding of statistics. Unfortunately, this is more common among “scientists” than people believe. A “science brain” is extremely rare.

Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, etc are not spreading knowledge of science, they’re spreading a kind of religion.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about … here’s something I’ve been talking about for many years.

Turkey Run State Park

I’ve been to Turkey Run State Park hundreds of times. Literary.

Smugmug link.

Heavy overcast. 45f degrees. Low water. No children screaming. The silence is deafening. How is it I have this place all to myself?

Turkey Run / Shades State Parks area is considered one of the top ten hiking areas in the United States. In my young days, I spent hours on the trails. Health and age now limit me to no more than a couple hours. I always end up at the bridge and trail three. I may never return to the creek at Shades. Every trip here seems like my last. Especially now.


The US Government, and by “government” I mean the Republicans and Democrats and the rich that control them, want to get rid of TikTok. They claim it’s a security risk. It’s a security risk because it supports free speech that’s uncontrolled by corporations and their mainstream media and their social media.

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