Importance of TikTok

I’ve been posting lots of TikTok videos to show the importance of the communication going on there. No other social media platform has these videos or if it does they don’t show up in your feed, making them difficult to find. TikTok is about allowing people to communicate the truth of what’s going on in the world, truth you’ll never hear on mainstream media. CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc will just feed you US State Department lies.

There’s a reason people have left Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They’re ultimately controlled by large corporations that tell you what they want you to think is the truth. Propaganda … truth as determined by the one percent.

Freedom and Free Speech In The USA

Americans like to believe that they’re free. And America produces more propaganda than all other countries on the planet. And starts more wars. And overthrows more democratically elected governments. And swallows more vitamins. And scores lower on intelligence tests than … you get the idea.

The USA is full of dumb people who will believe anything. So when the Republicans and Democrats discovered Americans were using TikTok to share information freely outside big company news channels they set out to destroy TikTok, if for no other reason than mainstream companies, like Facebook, paid them millions to destroy TikTok.

Here’s the truth about the so-called “TikTok” ban legislation.

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