How Did The Universe Begin?

Time for a little side trip. Since free will ultimately goes back to the laws of nature, in some way it must be relevant that people think there is such a thing as a beginning (unless you believe it’s turtle all the way down). The point, I suppose, is that no one has a clue how the universe came into being or if it even came into being or if beginning/nobeginning makes any sense. “Free will” may be a concept that has no meaning in which case I might as well go back to listening to music.

Sabine Hossenfelder is a theoretical physicist working in Germany. She makes YouTube videos about physics and music videos. All are worth watching if you have any interest in science. Here is her video about some of the ways the universe may have started. I favor unicorns. By the way, Sabine Hossenfelder does not believe in free will.

How did the universe begin?

The End of the Universe

Note: After writing this I remembered a show with Neil deGrasse Tyson a few years ago in which it be became apparent that he didn’t know about false vacuum vs true vacuum. And he writes books about science?

I noticed this book in Barnes & Noble recently. Written by a cosmologist. That alone is a red flag. I didn’t even open it.

This is just another gimmick to make money. Everything in this book can be found and understood in less than an hour by watching just three videos on YouTube. You’ve heard of YouTube? The book got my attention again when the author appeared on PBS. She was on the verge of giggling most of the time. Excited about how much money was being sucked in, probably. I would expect most PBS listeners to be somewhat intelligent but once again I overestimated people. Not a single question from the audience showed any knowledge of science. So here are the links …

Lies About Physics

Just about every popular book and magazine article about physics contains at least one lie or extremely incorrect fact. The physicists usually know the lies, the magazine writers are usually just ignorant of the facts. Here’s one very good example of a physicist, now dead who can not sue me, who told a whopper. Nothing Hawking ever did has ever been proven correct so it’s hard to understand why he has so many admirers. Something about saying something nasty about a man in a wheelchair, probably. By the way, his ex-wife wrote a great book about him that wasn’t very flattering.

Stephen Hawking

Subatomic Physics

Let’s just say there are problems when you get below the size of the atom. Scientists don’t like to answer questions about it because 1) giant egos 2) they don’t know 3) they know they’re full of bullshit 4) someone might catch on and all those big grants and awards would go away. You get the idea. More specifically and because you don’t believe me, read HERE.


Expansion of the Universe

Click here for the debate article. The problem is … cosmologists have been wrong so many times that they all look like idiots. My guess is that Riess is an idiot, no matter how many awards he has listed. If you believe anything these people say then you’re an idiot.

Smartest person in the room, Wendy Freedman

“since it’s on Wikipedia it’s officially more real than me”

It doesn’t matter if you always agree with her but you should always read her, it least if you want a little truth in physics once in a while. You can follow Sabine Hossenfelder HERE.

For one of my favorite posts, click HERE.

Sabine is the one on the right.