James Webb Telescope

NASA dropped a 10 billion dollar telescope. CLICK HERE if you want to read about these NASA idiots.

Seems appropriate. James Webb was a horrible person and no one but a bunch of bureaucrats at NASA wants to name it after him.

The probability of this fiasco ever working is about 50/50. $10,000,000,000 for something that was supposed to cost $1,000,000,000? And how many years late?

Crisis In Cosmology

Astronomers have finally admitted there is a crisis in cosmology, something everyone else has known for a long time. So to mark this landmark, I’m starting a list of astronomy and physics videos on YouTube that are worth watching. And they might not all agree. The list will be updated from time to time.

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2020 05 20

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2018 07 04

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2017 02 15

The Constants Of Nature (Physics)

1/137.03599913 … commonly described as 137 on t-shirts and blackboards. And labeled “alpha”.

It’s a constant of nature, the fine-structure constant, and has no units. It’s a pure number in nature. It combines the electric charge carried by one electron, Plank’s constant, and the speed of light. If it were any different, we wouldn’t be here.

Some physicists are obsessed with alpha. Why does it have this value? No one has a clue.

Which is just a small version of “why is the universe is the way it is?”. Why the electron mass? Why the speed of light? Why quarks and photons and just why is everything the way it is? Change one small constant and we’re not here.

The easy answer has always been if it were any other way we wouldn’t be here. But that explains nothing and is just ridiculous. A better question is could there be constants of nature that lead to more and better intelligence? Is it possible to have a universe where conscious beings discover all the secrets of the universe? And can we imagine what the parameters for such a universe might be?

The universe seems to be tuned to produce conscious beings. But is this the only possible universe that could produce “us”?

The really depressing part, and what makes me so mad is that I and every other person in the universe will die and never know the secret. That makes life seem very boring.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Here’s a video of Tyson someone posted to TikTok:

Photons are created in the inner 2/3 radius of the Sun from fusion as extremely high energy photons. They travel for hundreds of years, if not more, until they gradually lose energy from interactions and finally escape as the low energy photons that reach Earth. They are not “created” at the Photosphere of the Sun.

Photons do not travel from the Sun to the Earth in the same “instance”. That’s ridiculous. Photons do not experience time because time does not exist at the speed of light. To a photon there are no “instances”. If there were, photons would travel from the Sun to the Earth at infinite speed. In physics, infinite does not exist.

I’ve seen so many instances of Tyson making basic mistakes it makes me wonder how he ever graduated from high school. He claims to be an astrophysicist and yet he has never worked at that job. I suspect he was given his PhD to get rid of him.

In any case, he’s not where you should get your information.

E8 Theory

Oh, dear. This is just about as strange as things get. It started out strange and got stranger and then just ridiculous.

The first video is strange but not ridiculous. Very interesting and pretty. The second video comes from a group that is more of a cult whose founder has a shady past. The speaker in the first video talks about the cult that was created from E8 Emergence theory. This is strong emergence. Too strong.

Is E8 Lattice the True Nature of Reality? Or Theory of Everything?

Emergence Theory: A Layperson’s Guide

How Did The Universe Begin?

Time for a little side trip. Since free will ultimately goes back to the laws of nature, in some way it must be relevant that people think there is such a thing as a beginning (unless you believe it’s turtle all the way down). The point, I suppose, is that no one has a clue how the universe came into being or if it even came into being or if beginning/nobeginning makes any sense. “Free will” may be a concept that has no meaning in which case I might as well go back to listening to music.

Sabine Hossenfelder is a theoretical physicist working in Germany. She makes YouTube videos about physics and music videos. All are worth watching if you have any interest in science. Here is her video about some of the ways the universe may have started. I favor unicorns. By the way, Sabine Hossenfelder does not believe in free will.

The End of the Universe

Note: After writing this I remembered a show with Neil deGrasse Tyson a few years ago in which it be became apparent that he didn’t know about false vacuum vs true vacuum. And he writes books about science?

I noticed this book in Barnes & Noble recently. Written by a cosmologist. That alone is a red flag. I didn’t even open it.

This is just another gimmick to make money. Everything in this book can be found and understood in less than an hour by watching just three videos on YouTube. You’ve heard of YouTube? The book got my attention again when the author appeared on PBS. She was on the verge of giggling most of the time. Excited about how much money was being sucked in, probably. I would expect most PBS listeners to be somewhat intelligent but once again I overestimated people. Not a single question from the audience showed any knowledge of science. So here are the links …

Lies About Physics

Just about every popular book and magazine article about physics contains at least one lie or extremely incorrect fact. The physicists usually know the lies, the magazine writers are usually just ignorant of the facts. Here’s one very good example of a physicist, now dead who can not sue me, who told a whopper. Nothing Hawking ever did has ever been proven correct so it’s hard to understand why he has so many admirers. Something about saying something nasty about a man in a wheelchair, probably. By the way, his ex-wife wrote a great book about him that wasn’t very flattering.


Stephen Hawking

Subatomic Physics

Let’s just say there are problems when you get below the size of the atom. Scientists don’t like to answer questions about it because 1) giant egos 2) they don’t know 3) they know they’re full of bullshit 4) someone might catch on and all those big grants and awards would go away. You get the idea. More specifically and because you don’t believe me, read HERE.


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