The End of the Universe

Note: After writing this I remembered a show with Neil deGrasse Tyson a few years ago in which it be became apparent that he didn’t know about false vacuum vs true vacuum. And he writes books about science?

I noticed this book in Barnes & Noble recently. Written by a cosmologist. That alone is a red flag. I didn’t even open it.

This is just another gimmick to make money. Everything in this book can be found and understood in less than an hour by watching just three videos on YouTube. You’ve heard of YouTube? The book got my attention again when the author appeared on PBS. She was on the verge of giggling most of the time. Excited about how much money was being sucked in, probably. I would expect most PBS listeners to be somewhat intelligent but once again I overestimated people. Not a single question from the audience showed any knowledge of science. So here are the links …

Best of YouTube

This will be constantly updated. Some of these require really good headphones or a room full of speakers. In no particular order.

So … here is the best song, dance, etc you’ll find on YouTube.



Victor Da Silva – Anna Melnikova | Kremlin Cup 2017 – Show “I Put A Spell On You”: Holy crap on a cracker. Dance? Gymnastics? Want more? Victor da Silva – Anna Melnikova | Nothing Else Matters | Exhibition

Tanya: RTSF 2020 Jamboree Ball (Sunday) Solo – When He Isn’t Watching: Best video on YouTube. One of the world’s best dancers. Without her partner. OR with her partner HERE

RTSF 2019 – Stephen & Chanzie – Twisting The Night Away: It’s hard to pull out just one Stephen and Chanzie dance (Chandrae). Her skirts have a way of flying up.

Stephen Sayer and Karine Hermes Camp Hollywood 2016 Showcase: Stephen dancing with his beautiful wife. She’s also a dance instructor.

Sean McKeever & Jessica Cox Capital Swing 2015 Champion Strictly Winners: Jessica Cox is a legend.

Jordan Frisbee Strip-Off (Wardrobe Malfunction) w Jessica Cox. Swing Diego 2013: Why she’s a legend.

Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko: Samba Show at 2016 Paris Worlds: Best ballroom dancers of all time. Now retired.

Max Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoruychenko (2008 Exhibition:) Yulia set the bar so high no one will ever get there. She’s a real legend.

Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko Special Film | World Latin 2019 Miami: How they did it.



Playing for Change series. some of the best recordings ever made. Here’s a couple.

Taylor Momson. The Pretty Reckless. I keep coming back to this band. Miss Momson is known for her clothes, eye makeup, and sun glasses. And her acting (The Gossip Girl, Grinch), singing, and song writing. And she was a model …

The Pretty Reckless – Champagne Supernova in the Live Lounge

The Pretty Reckless – T In The Park Festival 2011 (Full TV Special)

The Pretty Reckless is one of the best RnR bands ever. It doesn’t hurt that Taylor Momson is the lead singer. New album sometime in 2020/21. The following is a full acoustic concert. It’s easy to find their full RnR stuff on YouTube.

The Pretty Reckless

Eva Cassidy – You’ve Changed: She was the world’s best singer.

Eva Cassidy – Take Me To The River: Everything she did was gold.

Candy Dulfer – Lily Was Here: Written by Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) for the movie “De Kassiere” and for Candy Dulfer (she’s Swiss and the daughter of a famous saxophone player). She’s the world’s best sax player. This may be the best jazz song ever written. Music doesn’t get any better. Sexy VEVO version is HERE. Many other sax players have attempted this song and failed miserably.

Jorja Chalmers: Saxophone player. She’s from Australia. She was about to become a music teacher when someone got Bryan Ferry to listen to her and he hired her to tour the world.

Bryan Ferry – Like A Hurricane: Bryan Ferry and the best band he ever had. The beautiful sax player who steals the show is from Australia.

Bryan Ferry – Lets Stick Together: While we’re on the subject of Bryan Ferry.

Beth Hart – Chocolate Jesus: She shouldn’t need an introduction. And you should know the author of Chocolate Jesus.

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing: Mark Knopfler – Money For Nothing (Live At Knebworth). Mark is one of the world’s best guitar players. The guy in pink isn’t too bad.

Valentina Lisitsa – Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata, III “Presto Agitato”: World’s best classical pianist. Or if you like Listz HERE

Gary Moore Live At Montreux 1997 Still Got The Blues,Walking By Myself: He died too young. Too much alcohol, probably.

Gary Moore and B B King: The Thrill Is Gone and and they’re both dead. RIP.

Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues: It’s impossible to say how good this is. The best version he ever did. The 2nd half is the best rock guitar performance ever recorded.

Santana – Soul Sacrifice Woodstock 1969: What humans on LSD are capable of doing. Santana said he’d never again play on LSD. Too bad. This is Santana at it’s best. The drummer is flying high. This requires good headphones.

John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Gary Moore – So Many Roads: Even if you don’t like John Mayall. “John Mayall and band……AND Gary Moore……I mean, c’mon; does it possibly get better than that????????”

Miles Davis and John Coltrane, “So What,” 1959: Jazz at it’s best?

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Love Struck Baby / Pride and Joy / Testify – 9/21/1985: Airplanes are no friend of music. He died too young. Guitar just flowed from him. How did he do it? The guy playing the Yamaha keyboard isn’t too shabby. “I am 72 and have seen and listened to a lot of music but I have never seen or heard anyone in rock, blues, jazz or classical music play with this kind of fluency”

Samantha Fish – Bitch On The Run – Don Odell’s Legends: Samantha Fish may be an acquired taste but it’s worth the trip.

Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues: That Nobel was too long in coming.

Carl Perkins, George Harrison, Eric Clapton – Medley – 9/9/1985 – Capitol Theatre (Official): An argument could be made that Carl started it all.

George Harrison and Eric Clapton – While my guitar gently weeps: My favorite Beatle.

Katie Melua – I Put A Spell On You (Live At Fairfield Halls Croydon)(2004): Some things just are so good that they stand alone. The audience has no idea how to clap. The guitar player just kept going despite their ignorance. I think he should have told them to just stop.

Sade – Your Love Is King (Live Aid 1985): Sade is unique. Sexiest musician ever.

Sade – The Sweetest Taboo (Official Live Video From San Diego): One Sade video isn’t enough.

Dave Brubeck – Take Five: Without Paul Desmond no one would know who Dave Brubeck was. This should be Paul Desmond – Take Five.

Tangled Up in Blue: Deciphering a Bob Dylan Masterpiece: Maybe it’s better if you have no idea why you like Dylan. Who are we to explain God? An old Dylan says he has no idea how he wrote those songs.

Why Bob Dylan Won The Nobel Prize: There’s no explaining Dylan. But this is Dylan at his best.

Bob Dylan San Francisco Press Conference 1965: Just the idea of a Dylan press conference is ludicrous. “Mr. Dylan is a poet”? The reporters have no idea who Dylan is. Dylan is sitting there making everyone look like idiots. Just like he made a fool of Baez. Dylan’s answers come from the same source as his songs, they’re real and honest but the people listening aren’t understanding what he’s saying.

Elise LeGrow – Who Do You Love (Live Video): She does things … differently.

Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine” cover by @EliseLeGrow: Check out the next video if you don’t like this video.

Ain’t No Sunshine — Bill Withers (cover by Canen 12 y.o.): 12?

Imelda May – Sixth Sense (Live Session): Finally found her true self.

Imelda May with Jools & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra – Black Tears – Jools’ Annual Hootenanny: Best version of Black Tears no contest.

Night Music: Jools Holland & Doctor John as the “Boogie Woogie Twins”: Another unique performance.

Ladyva – Boogie Woogie Stomp: considered one of the top five Boogie Woogie piano players. And … she’s a baroness.

Ladyva – J.B’s Boogie: another Ladyva. It’s “La die va”.

LADYVA with GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (by Jerry Lee Lewis): The baroness can sing. Who knew?

John Lindo and Jessica Cox at New Year’s Dance Extravaganza 2014: Jessica Cox proves she’s one of the best.

Candy Dulfer – Strasbourg – St. Denis: just another Candy Dulfer.

Carolyn Wonderland and Bonnie Raitt – “Ain’t Nobody’s Fault But Mine” from Road To Austin film: Love that necklace.

Ana Popovic – Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me: She’s so good she scares me.

Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction: Best scene in the movie.

Boogie Woogie: Three of the most famous people in boogie woogie.

Elvis Presley – Trying To Get To You (’68 Comeback Special 50th Anniversary) [Official Video]: It’s Elvis.

Ladyva – Tryin’ to get to you: One of my favorite videos.

MOANIN´ – ANDREA MOTIS – 9/9 – TVE HD: Andrea Motis is a very peaceful singer, trumpet player, and saxophone player. Probably why she’s popular with the jazz crowd.

Crazy – Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro quartet: Something about someone who has English as a second language.

11. BASIN STREET BLUES – ANDREA MOTIS, J. CHAMORRO, J.M. FARRÀS: Yes, she can play that thing.

MILES DAVIS – Time After Time: Jazz is boring because most jazz musicians just play the notes. They’re very good playing those notes but that’s all it is. Miles Davis did more, especially after he matured and gave up all the old jazz. See Candy Dulfer if you want to hear what a real musician can do with a saxophone.

MILES DAVIS – Tomaas: Too bad he never played with Candy Dulfer. But I doubt he could have kept up with her.

MILES DAVIS – Heavy Metal Prelude: Marilyn Mazur.



The Wah Watusi: Girl in the middle with black side panels is the choreographer.

Booty Swing – KCTU Dancers: The Low Budget Late Show.

Mashed Potato Time – KCTU Dancers: Another episode of The Low Budget Late Show.

Craig Fergusonn “interviews” Kate Mara on The Late Late show: Best television show ever? Filthiest interview ever?

8:47 / 17:43Olivia Munn – She Completely Messes Craig Up – 2/2 Visits In Chron. Order [720p] She’s adorable. And funny. And weird. She really handled him.

Paige Halstead UCLA Catcher USA Catcher: I really miss watching this softball catcher.

Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO Social Capital, on Money as an Instrument of Change: He may be the last hope for the world of 100 years from now.

Jordan Peterson Rips An Interviewer To Shreds

Another Jordan Peterson

Lies About Physics

Just about every popular book and magazine article about physics contains at least one lie or extremely incorrect fact. The physicists usually know the lies, the magazine writers are usually just ignorant of the facts. Here’s one very good example of a physicist, now dead who can not sue me, who told a whopper. Nothing Hawking ever did has ever been proven correct so it’s hard to understand why he has so many admirers. Something about saying something nasty about a man in a wheelchair, probably. By the way, his ex-wife wrote a great book about him that wasn’t very flattering.

Stephen Hawking

Candy Dulfer

I’m not a big fan of jazz. Except I like Candy Dulfer.

A saxophone is a difficult instrument. Nuances are hard to come by, especially in jazz.

Candy Dulfer is Swiss. Her father was a famous saxophone player. At an early age she had the best teacher and the best saxophone. She’s 50 years old and probably the world’s best saxophone player. You can find her on YouTube.

Wiki entry.

Random Numbers

Random numbers are extremely hard to generate. But let’s backup.

I started out working as a college student writing statistical computer programs for a medical researcher using an IBM 1130 (a lot like a personal computer but very expensive). $7 an hour in 1966. Yes, random numbers get used in many unexpected areas. Then working for a (nameless) mofia construction company building a weapons factory for the army. Vinnie, my boss, had a blonde daughter who theoretically worked for me but … well you know. No random numbers. But they had this incredible IBM 1130, the biggest 1130 you could buy and a cost-plus contract (we were stealing your tax dollars). One year of business was enough. I went back to statistical programming, mostly Landsat data. On the side, I got to work with lots of Ph.D. students doing their research. The world was beyond interesting … IBM 360/67 (Purdue), IBM 360/95 (NASA), CDC 6600 (Indiana University), CDC 6500 (Purdue). (There were others: Univac 1108, IBM 1620, IBM 1401, IBM 5100, etc.) The most interesting computers on the planet, especially the 360/95 (Even an IBM 360/195 down the street at Columbia). Fortran, COBOL, PL/1 (even CDC PL/1 which never went out of 0.95 beta status), IBM 360 Assembler, CDC Assembler (COMPASS), Univac 1108 Assembler, IBM 5100 Algol, etc. I still have printouts from both the 360/95 and 360/195 computers. I have disk packs from the CDC 6600 and IBM 1130, circuit boards from the CDC 6600 (real transistors), and some core planes including an RCA Spectra. At NASA, I worked for Robert Jastrow (Google him), but mostly I talked to Russians Jews thru an interpreter. We all spoken Fortran. Life was complicated. Random Numbers came to an end when I retired and went to work for Indiana State University as a Systems Programmer. My brain was tired. Manhattan was tiresome.

Btw, the NASA lab is still there. The largest remote sensing lab in the world. It’s above Tom’s, from Seinfeld. Back in my days, it was top secret and heavily guarded. Once inside the nameless door on 112th street, give the password and the guard behind the desk in the small room might let you in the elevator. Just say the password, nothing else. No small talk allowed. They were worried about violent student protests even though we were trying to save the planet. I passed the security check! This was my second gov job!

Link to a larger image.

Google map of Tom’s and NASA Goddard lab in Manhattan.

So, random numbers. I find three kinds of numbers interesting: prime, fractal, and random. Prime number and fractal research is huge. Random not so much. You can now use your smartphone to retrieve a completely random 1 or 0 from a quantum event. But in programming, things are still a little complicated.

After I retired to Indiana State University, l needed a hobby. Back to random numbers. I started generating random number based plots (Calcomp 3-pen plotter). The area with the plotter was next door to the photography area and art area with lots of students painting. The painting instructor noticed one of my plots and asked if he could have one. I was flattered, no one had ever shown an interest. A week later students were painting things that looked a lot like my random number patterns.

And then years passed. The plotter had been retired. Personal computers came along and one day while I was contemplating whether to plan suicide or find something interesting I found my old IBM random number booklet from 1968. Years ago that booklet, along with Walker and Lev, had changed my life. So began my personal computer screensaver I labeled scrsave1968. I had, fortunately, learned the computer language C for some reason. Microsoft Visual Studio to the rescue.

The interest faded and I retired. Tigers took up lots of my time. Then I dug out scrsave1968 and began making changes and feeding the images into a fractal program. I rewrote it as Visual Basic making it easier to change. And the result:
Link to scrsave1968 images.

Rock That Swing Festival 2020

Jamboree Ball (Sunday) Performance Vintage Club Students
Jamboree Ball (Sunday) Showcase The Boogie Gang
Jamboree Ball (Sunday) Solo – When He Isn’t Watching – Tanya
Jamboree Ball (Sunday) Teachers’ Jam

Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Balboa Battle Final
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Balboa Improvisation – Irina & Blake
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) CIA Kahlo – Confession Of A Flapper
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Groovie Swing – Tanya & Sondre
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Killer Boogie
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Lindy Hop Improvisation Samantha & Blake
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Lindy Hop – Sharon & Juan
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Shag Competition Finals
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Slow Balboa – Anna-Maria & Mickey
Rock That Swing Ball (Saturday) Social Swing – Irina & Joel

Hep Cats Night (Friday) Balboa & Shag Endurance
Hep Cats Night (Friday) Boogie Woogie Fast Feet Jack’n’Jill Prelims Heat 1
Hep Cats Night (Friday) Boogie Woogie Fast Feet Jack’n’Jill Prelims Heat 2
Hep Cats Night (Friday) Boogie Woogie Jack’n’Jill Finals
Hep Cats Night (Friday) Twist by Rodi Kangelari (The Rolling Foxes) And The Boogie Gang
Hep Cats Night (Friday) Vintage Club Students Performance

In The Mood (Thursday) Shag Jack’n’Jill Finals
In The Mood (Thursday) Shag Jack’n’Jill Prelims
In The Mood (Thursday) Teachers Presentation

Programming With CSS

I spent my entire career working with computers and programming languages. Few people have used as many programming languages. I don’t miss it. It’s extremely stressful. There is that screen saver program written in C++ I still play with when I’m feeling creative. But now … I got out the CSS books and used CSS to customize my smugmug photography site. I’ll tire of the whole thing in a day or two. But now looks closer to what I want it to look like.


I’m about to do what I should have done several years ago: break all my ties to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center. The only people I trusted there are now gone and most of the people at EFRC just make things difficult.

EFRC does not have a functioning board of directors. EFRC does not have a five-year plan or any other plan. EFRC is developing a web site that violates every basic principle of web design. EFRC has a director who has no respect for any other human. And most importantly, EFRC has no money in the bank. The director spends money as fast as it comes in.

I see no hope that things will change. When the director dies or goes to a nursing home, EFRC will still be without a functioning board and the plan will still be: “Lets’s See What Happens Tomorrow”.

Indiana University Press did publish three books of my photographs. That made it somewhat worth the trouble. But 30-degree weather, mud, ignorance, and obnoxious Tigers are not something I will miss.