Protons and Other Things No One Understands

Years ago (high school?) I started reading about fundamental particles. Things were just getting started, it appeared simple, but then things became complicated and physicists started telling less than the truth. I guess they just wanted to look like they knew what they were talking about and get tenure. But sometimes someone tells the truth and people have to adjust. Here’s an article that shows what I’m saying. CLICK HERE

Image credit PhysOrg

RAIN Ride Across INdiana

RAIN is Ride Across INdiana. A 162 mile bike ride in 95 degree sun. Images are HERE.

A friend of mine did this ride, all they way to the end. You can find him with the red shoes and yellow shirt. I say “friend” but would a real friend get you involved in something this insane? RAIN should be RA-INsane.

There were many more men entered than women which just goes to show that women are more sane than men.

Allan’s bike computer at end of ride

Women Celebrities I Like

Amanda Peet

(Melinda and Melinda)

Anne Hathaway

(The Devil Wears Prada)

Aubrey Plaza

(Parks & Rec)

Billie Piper

(Dr Who)

Cate Blanchett

(Blue Jasmine)

Charlize Theron

(Atomic Blonde)

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Ellen Page


Eva Green

(James Bond: Casino Royale)

Emily Blunt

Gwyneth Paltrow


Helena Bonham Carter

Judy Greer

(The Big Bang)

Kacey Musgraves

Karen Gillan

(Doctor Who)

Kateryna Lagno

(Russian chess grandmaster)

Kate Matchett

(Nero Wolfe Mystery)

Katherine Tate

(Doctor Who)

Lea Seydeux

(Midnight In Paris)

Lucy Punch

(Doc Martin)

Maria Sharapova

(Russian tennis)

Marion Cotillard

(Midnight In Paris, Inception)

Minnie Driver

(Good Will Hunting)

Morgan James


Natalie Dormer


Paris Hilton

Poppy Delevigne

Rachael McAdams

(Midnight In Paris)

Rashida Jones

(Parks & Rec)

Saoirse Ronan

Sophie Marceau

(James Bond: The World Is Not Enough)

Sutton Foster


Taylor Momsen

(Singer, actress, model)

Tilda Swinton

(Doctor Strange)

Uma Thurman

(Kill Bill)

Valentina Lisitsa

(Russian pianist)